Viktoria Komova

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Viktoria Komova - Recovery

Feb 5
Feb 5


Kompressed Komova - UB and BB

Viktoria Komova: "I'm not ready to compete in a tournament" ~ Russian Gymnastics


"I want to become like Svetlana Khorkina. Even better!" - 14-year-old Viktoria when asked about her dreams. [x]


Potential Comebacks 2014 - Viktoria Komova (Russia)

Viktoria Komova was last seen finishing eighth in the 2012 London Olympics balance beam final. She has been kept out of competition in 2013 firstly due to a back injury, then later due to viral meningitis. Despite an illustrious junior career, Komova has yet to live up to her full potential as a senior and fans of  Viktoria hope to see her return early next year to chase the elusive all around gold. 

Past Achievements

2009 European Youth Olympic Festival: gold - all around, uneven bars, balance beam

2009 Japan Junior International: gold - all around, uneven bars, balance beam

2009 Voronin Cup: gold - all around, uneven bars, floor

2010 Junior European Championships: gold - team, all around, vault, balance beam; silver - uneven bars

2010 Youth Olympic Games: gold - all around, vault, uneven bars; bronze - floor

2011 World Championships: gold - uneven bars; silver - all around, team

2011 Elite Gym Massilia: gold - team, all around, uneven bars; silver - balance beam 

2011 Voronin Cup: gold - all around, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise 

2012 European Championships: gold - uneven bars; silver - team

2012 Olympic Games: silver - all around, team 

Where did you find that GIF of Viktoria being chased by her dog? It wasn't on her official Instagram.


It’s on YouTube I think. 

why hasnt komova been completing?


First, injury then she got an infection and meningitis. She’s training now though. 


waiting for the day komova comes back and the gymternet explodes